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let the bad parts in

28 December 1991
the whole world is moving, and i'm standing still.

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7 pounds, abandoned buildings, activism, adoration, adventures, almost famous, andrea gibson, ani difranco, animals, asylums, autumn, bad jokes, barcelona, best friends, bff, bike riding, boba, books, bright eyes, chaos, chills, chinese food, cocorosie, cooking, cover songs, creativity, creepiness, creepy pasta, cruisin', cuddling, cupcaking, dancing in the moonlight, disappearances, disembodied voices, dreams, ecstasy, ellen hopkins, ellie goulding, emotion, empire records, equality, fortune telling, friendship, fumbling, ghost hunters, ghost hunting, giraffes, halloween, hand holding, harry potter, hate spinnerbait, haunted cities, haunted houses, himym, holding hands, honesty, hopes, ingrid michaelson, joint showers, julia nunes, kate nash, ke$ha, kitties, lady gaga, laura marling, law & order: svu, lgbt, lisa loeb, little monsters, lost and delirious, loving everybody, making friends, maria mena, mean girls, mediums, mixtapes, notebooks, ouija boards, owls, paranormal, paranormal activity, placebo, poetry, pornography, postsecret, prank phone calls, pretty girls, psychics, puns, raindrops, reading, regina spektor, remembering, rilo kiley, sarah dessen, sex, singing, singing badly, slam poetry, soul mates, spirituality, spoken word, succubus, tegan and sara, telepathy, texting, the future, the unexplained, this year's love, transgender, transgender rights, tumblr, ukelele, unsolved mysteries, unusual deaths, vegan cupcakes, walking on sunshine, whispers, wintergirls, wristcutters: a love story, writing, youtube stars